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Legal and tax services for businesses and strategic support for extraordinary M&A operations, tax planning, corporate and debt restructuring, and compliance.

About Us

Through a highly qualified team of professionals, we provide legal and tax services to medium-sized and large businesses, private equity, investor groups, entrepreneurs, foundations, and non-profit organizations. We offer strategic support, particularly in the context of extraordinary M&A operations, tax planning, and corporate and debt restructuring.

We harness the many years of experience of our partners and collaborators, experts in business consulting, and position ourselves as independent advisors, providing dedicated services to businesses. Characterized by a strong identity, encapsulated in the acronym "Legal & Tax," we conduct our activities through two divisions operating in partnership:

LT | ADVISORY S.R.L. - BUSINESS & CORPORATE SERVICES specializing in corporate consulting and extraordinary operations for businesses

LT | STUDIO LEGALE SOCIETÀ TRA AVVOCATI a r.l.  offering legal services in corporate law, tax law, labor and industrial relations law, civil law, health law, European law, litigation, and ADR.

Areas of Activity

Among our clients are companies operating in the following industrial and commercial sectors: food, fashion industry, chemical, construction, pharmaceutical, information technology, metallurgical and automotive, health and social care, tertiary and services, tourism and hospitality, security and fiduciary services, trade associations, NGOs, and non-profits.

We have distinguished ourselves for the support provided to trade associations and foundations in achieving their main institutional objectives.

We support every strategic business need, both in Italy and internationally, through multidisciplinary and integrated competencies, developed in the following areas of activity:

Integrity, confidentiality, and reliability

We provide continuous assistance, ensuring reliability, confidentiality, timeliness, and a high professional standard.


Our operational divisions consist of professionals from internationally recognized entities, with specific expertise in legal, economic, and financial disciplines. They have distinguished themselves for providing consultancy services to leading business groups, demonstrating the ability to develop and implement the most suitable business strategies and achieve concrete results in the interest of their clients.

We pay particular attention to the work method and the quality of services provided: each professional operates with dedication, passion, and enthusiasm, as well as due confidentiality, with the aim of ensuring the complete satisfaction of the clients assisted.

The team consists of the partners and senior professionals listed below, supported by junior consultants selected based on their specific university and post-university education:

dott. Antonio Pirozzi

avv. Paolo Amato

dott. Adriano Ferolla

avv. Calogero Caleca

dott. Gerardo Fortino

avv. Giuseppe Miglionico